Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My First Post

Sometimes you have got to stop giving a fuck about what others think of you. Their excessive judgments lacks nothing but honesty and analytical truth so why in the first place would you bother to fix such petty and insignificant matter?
Sometimes you need to preclude all plans before actions and instead, jump straight into the cold lake without ruminating whether the coldness would sting your veins. Welcome spontaneity with arms wide open.
Sometimes you got to leave the unresolved chain of thoughts on the shelf, where it should be, collecting dust. Sure, "If it doesn't kill you, it'll only make you stronger". Nostalgic thoughts, however, doesn't do such crap.
Sometimes even if your aim is too high of an expectation, continue extending your arm- tip toe if you must until your fingers can finally reach to wrap around the aspiration because if that's really what want and truly believe that it'd make your heart smile then making sacrifices as that should be trivial to your journey of achievement.
And sometimes, you have got to chill the fuck down and enjoy the damn ride.
But always and forever remember that you are not perfect so it's okay to make, have, and be a mistake.


  1. If only everyone felt and acted in this manner. I couldn't even imagine how wonderful this world would be.